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Restore the past

    Restoration is a process in which the historical integrity and original beauty of a structure is reestablished so that it can be admired for generations to come. Old buildings, churches, homes, and landmarks have memories all their own and it is our duty to use the talents that we have to make sure that those memories continue to be cherished. In the words of Graeme Shankland, “A country without a past has the emptiness of a barren continent, and a city without old buildings is like a man without a memory.”


    Our motto at Purvis Masonry Restoration is “restoring the past brick by brick.” That is why such care and professional skill is used in the restoration process as to guarantee that a structure’s historical significance is maintained. We realize that every brick and stone is irreplaceable and has tremendous historical value. In those times when certain materials can’t be salvaged, we work meticulously to make sure that replacements are as accurate as possible.

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Purvis Masonry Restoration

“restoring the past brick by brick

“A house comes with responsibilities, and a historic house comes with more responsibilities. We are only caretakers of these houses, which were here before we owned them and which will be here after we are gone.” - Jane Powell

Brick by Brick / Stone by Stone

Purvis Masonry Restoration is a historical masonry restoration company. It is owned by Donald Purvis. Mr. Purvis has over 20 years’ experience in his field.


Historical preservation is an endeavor that seeks to conserve buildings of historical age and significance. With buildings and materials that are often centuries old, you want to make certain that preservation - which is a necessity to keep the structure authentic and sound - is completed by proven professionals who not only have the expertise to complete the project, but who also have a respect for the history and importance of the structure.

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